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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

St. Michael's Catholic High School and Specialist College

Our aim is to support our schools whilst they strive to provide outstanding Catholic education for all the children in their care.

St. Michael’s Catholic High School draws its inspiration from St Dominic who lived from 1170 – 1221. Since then, the Dominican order has carried on his mission of preaching the Gospel. Dominic constantly searched for truth (“VERITAS”). His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding is at the very heart of St Michael’s Catholic High School’s ethos as a learning community. 

Dominic was a humble person who wished only to serve and to ensure that those who would later bear his name would follow his example in the service of the poor. The Dominican Sisters, who founded St Michael’s in 1955, continue St Dominic’s work today by striving for excellence in the education of youth. 

St. Michael’s Catholic High School upholds and continues their vision to seek the truth with joy, to praise God and to preach the Good News of Christ. The school’s badge and motto is that of the Dominicans. With their uniform emblazoned with the Cross and the Latin word ‘Veritas’, all students pursue academic excellence and strive for truth in a spirit of service.

Edward Conway