Fees & Financial Support

The tuition fee for this course is £9,250 payable to St Mary’s University, Twickenham, for 2024–25. Fees for international students are £16,500.


Bursaries are grants that do not require repayment and are tax-free. They are meant to assist with your training and are distributed in 10 equal monthly instalments throughout the training. To qualify for a bursary, you must hold a bachelor's degree with a 2:2 (honours) or higher.

The Department for Education's (DfE) bursaried subjects for 2024, visit ‘Get into Teaching’ website tab: Funding & Support.

Student loans 

You may also be eligible for a student loan while you study, but you will have to apply for that. You can take out a student loan even if you already have an undergraduate loan.

Loans for tuition fees are not means tested (whereas loans for maintenance are means tested), but you should confirm all this using the same ‘Funding your training’ tab above.

Other financial support 

We offer a travel bursary to support children travelling to St. Mary’s University, London, and additional financial support in exceptional circumstances.

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