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St Claudine's Catholic School for Girls

St Claudine's Catholic School for Girls is a school where the emphasis is on aspiring to excellence.  We instil self-belief in our students and encourage them to overcome challenges and do their very best. 

We have extremely high expectations rooted in traditional values that offer our girls an environment with clear parameters and a plethora of opportunities for praise.  Our girls achieve excellent exam results and develop into confident and articulate young women.

St Claudine's is rooted in the Religious of Jesus and Mary, a congregation founded by St Claudine Thévenet on 6th October 1818 during the French Revolution. St Claudine is our patron and it is her values that we strive to emanate in our daily work: Love of Jesus, Love of Mary, Forgiveness, Education, Simplicity, Family Spirit and Service.   Our mission statement: “With God’s grace, we excel and lead” is an aspiration to excellence – working to improve ourselves always.

Louise McGowan, Headteacher

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