Black History Month - 'Proud to be Me' Initiative at St Thomas More

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31st Oct 2021

At St Thomas More, we are incredibly proud of the traditions and cultures celebrated within our community. As a result, throughout the month of October, we came together to celebrate our ‘Proud to be Me’ initiative - linked to Black History Month.

Throughout the month, every class engaged in a range of activities in celebration of who we are, what makes us unique and recognising people in the past whose achievements may have gone unnoticed.

Children in Key Stage 1 enjoyed exploring the question ‘Why was Mary Seacole forgotten?’ with one child stating ‘without her, hospitals would be different. I think she should be celebrated equally with Florence Nightingale.’

Children in Key Stage 2 investigated the impact of the Windrush generation. Whilst writing a poem linked to the journey people faced, one member of Year 4 wrote,

‘The ocean is cold,

but I stand bold

as I sail away into the blue.’

One Year 6 pupil concluded, ‘History was really unfair to lots of people’ whilst another stated ‘I am proud to be me because I can stand up for others.

We are continuing to celebrate traditions and cultures within our community throughout the academic year with the purchase of some new books for our school library!