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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Building Futures Fund - The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School

We are re launching our "Building Futures Fund" through Parent Pay which now allows us to provide an option for those wishing to use Gift Aid.

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School is a school within the Trusteeship of The Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese. The Local Governing Body like all other Catholic Governing Bodies have the responsibility to raise funds in order to support the development of the school sites to provide the latest facilities for the students in our care, you may already have made contributions during your child’s Primary Education. Historically this has been achieved through the support of the parental community paying a donation to the school using the gift aid scheme where possible to maximise the benefit to the student community of any funds received.

We are seeking parents support in giving £5 per month to invest in our school community’s future. This funding will be used to support the building projects and facilities development work taking place across the two campuses and create a long term legacy for our students and Catholic education in Hillingdon.

With your support we can provide even more in order to support our students future. Please make a donation via Parentpay to the Building Futures Fund, payments can be made monthly, termly or yearly. £5 per month donation, £20 per term, £60 per annum.

Funding for our community:”Building Futures Fund”