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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Nicholas Breakspear A-Level Art Gallery Trip

Ready Steady Sketch!

Recently our A Level Art students visited two major London Galleries in order to enrich and enhance their understanding of the contemporary and modern art scene by visiting the Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the Saatchi Art galleries.

There are a number of intriguing discussions and questions around the artwork seen during the trip regarding the importance of art and what it is for. Much of the work in the Tate Britain is very religious, political, based on nature or used as status symbols. The Tate Modern provides a contrast with much conceptual or abstract work, based purely on the artists’ own passions or obsessions.

Our current cohort of students has aspiring architects in both the Year 12 and 13. These students found the ‘Between object and Architecture’ display in the new Tate Modern extension, the ‘Switch House’, particularly fascinating, viewing how a range of artists explored the relationship between their own art, the materials they used and the effect on the environment around it. Year 12 are exploring the theme of ‘Surfaces’ and found a lot to enjoy in both galleries; from the smooth highly varnished almost photo-realistic qualities of the Surrealist pieces to the more abstract gestural mark-making of the Abstract Expressionists.

A busy afternoon saw our students sketching Tony Cragg’s ‘Stack’, an artfully arranged perfect cube made from old mattresses, plastic, discarded building materials which evoke layers of rock in the earth’s surface and makes a comment about society’s ‘throw-away’ culture, choosing three objects from each gallery to study in depth and taking numerous photographs of the fascinating art-work on display.