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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Science Museum Visit

On Friday 31st of March 30 Year 8 from The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School students went to the Science Museum. The day started by looking at the different exhibitions in the museum such as the Information Age where students saw a model of radio signal generator, the Energy Exhibition where students learnt about the different ways electricity can be generated, and even the Mathematics Exhibit where they saw the application of Maths in Engineering.

After looking at these exhibitions, students attended a workshop on Supercool Liquids. Students learnt about a key principle in Thermodynamics, that heat flows from hot to cold, and about the three ways to heat objects up (construction, convention and radiation). They learnt about the early scales of measuring temperature and how these scales changed over time and why (Fahrenheit to Celsius to Kelvin). Students also saw demonstrations with liquid nitrogen such as making ice cream within a minute, making a balloon explode really loudly, and changing the properties of an object by cooling it in the liquid nitrogen.

It was a brilliant day!