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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Geography Challenge

On Tuesday 28th March 2017 Miss Ali and four of her very best Geographers from The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School Years 9 and 10 attended the live final of a National School Geography Challenge which took place in Slough. 200 schools across the whole of England registered for the competition. 60 schools submitted an entry before Christmas 2016 and on the strength of one entry from Jessie in Year 9, The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School made it to the last nine schools competing for a School Trip to Kenya!

The day was full of fun and excitement. Our students had to complete 3 tasks: one was to create a resource that would encourage the families and young children in Nakuru, Kenya to value education and attend their local Primary School. The second task was to create a resource that would motivate young people at Douay Martyrs School to fundraise money for this Primary School Project, and finally the third task involved writing a letter to our Head Teacher to persuade Mr Corish to get involved with this educational campaign.

The adjudicators of this competition were from the organisation African Adventures (a volunteer travel company) and the Exam Board OCR. The following quote is the feedback they gave to our four exceptional students:-

“We were really impressed by the high level of engagement and application to the task shown by Jessie, Margarida, Ishmeet and Mithushan. The group created an excellent rucksack which was such a creative use of the resources provided and very relevant to the task. The booklets inside were very informative, although we felt the language used could have been tailored to speak to the communities of Nakuru. We really loved the links the students made to their own school’s ethos and beliefs, which helped make their letter particularly persuasive, although further clarification of their fundraising idea would have been helpful. Overall, the team should be very proud of their achievements.”

Even though our school did not win Miss Ali, Mithushan, Ishmeet, Jessie and Margarida learned a great deal from the whole experience and will look forward to entering further Geography Competitions in the future!