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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Douay Martyrs Biology Trip to Baylab

Bayer is a German Life Science company with more than one hundred and fifty years of experience in the areas of health care and agriculture. Emma Schierbaum (Baylab Manager) set up Baylab, an educational outreach service, at their UK site based in Reading.

Fifteen of our GCSE Biologists had the opportunity to attend the workshop on Enzymes. After a brief introduction about Bayer itself and the possible career opportunities within the organisation; the students had a chance to work with apparatus that is not readily available in school labs.During the day, they applied their knowledge of enzymes and conducted a series of experiments, these included:-

. Testing for proteins.

. Proved enzymes are made of protein.

. Demonstrated enzymes are specific and speed up reaction

. Investigated factors that affect enzyme action.

. Used enzymes to produce lactose-free milk.


“It as a very hands-on and educational trip. It helped me learn more about future career paths.” 

“An extremely informative experience where I learnt all about enzymes, definitely useful for my GCSEs!"

 “Inspiring a love for science”