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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Thorpetastic day at Douay for Year 8s!

On Tuesday 4th April, Year 8 had the opportunity to take part in a Maths and Careers enterprise day sponsored by Thorpe Park. 

The whole year group were put into teams of six and given a day to design, plan and build a roller-coaster out of paper, cardboard, glue and sellotape.

Jack du Pile from Thorpe Park introduced the day, explaining the challenge and the outline of the day to the students as well as the range of careers specifically in Engineering linked to the industry.

Once designed and built students had to use their mathematical expertise to calculate the average speed of their roller-coaster as well as final velocity and completing a distance time graph.

The teams were incentivised by the prize of a day out to Thorpe Park and were judged on team work, the Maths content, the design of the roller-coaster and their final presentation.

The feedback from the students was incredibly positive;                                                                

‘The Maths day was fun and educating and challenging, everyone was so excited, we all wanted to win, I wish I could do it all over again!. We would like to thank the Maths department and all visitors and helpers that helped and Jack from Thorpe Park’

Ben Forde, Keanna Dusey, Sophie Daly (Year 8)

Many Congratulations to the winners Team Escape - Daina Evans, Jessica Gill, Dominika Giel, Nathan Fadare, Alicia Gold, Serena Brar