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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School Year 8 Creative Arts Day

Today, the Creative Arts Team led an array of activities for Creative Arts Day, themed around the iconic 'Harry Potter' Film Franchise. The day had a Careers focus, enabling students to explore job roles such as Millinery, Acting, Directing, Producing, Filming, Theme Composition, Props Design, Journalism, and Make-Up Design! 

The day was full of excitement, initiated by a talk by a professional actor. The students then separated into Harry Potter House Teams to create a product which could be used in a 'Harry Potter' movie. In the final Showcase at the end of the day, the Judging panel were presented with some highly creative work including Wands and Wizarding Hats, fabulous make up design, fantastic musical compositions, filmed movie extracts, and extracts from 'The Daily Prophet'. The outcomes were marvellous! 

Winners for the day's events are below:'

Outstanding Individual Contribution (Nominees): Steve Flore, Ana Marish, Naomi Tsegaye, Ria Pesai, Nirusanth Pathmanathan, Courtney West, and Mahillina Sinnathamby

Outstanding Individual Contribution (Winner): Lisa Grant

Most Oustanding Product: Slytherin - Art 

House Winners: Slytherin

It was a fantastic day. Well done to all involved!