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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School

Our aim is to support our schools whilst they strive to provide outstanding Catholic education for all the children in their care.

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School was opened by Dominican Sisters, in April 1964. This particular group was founded in South Africa, in 1896, by Mother Rose Niland and from the beginning Education was their mission focus.

The Dominican Family draws its inspiration from St Dominic (who lived in the 12th and 13th centuries) and has spread all over the world, engaging in the mission of bringing the gospel message and good news of Christ.  As a school community, we endeavour to follow St Dominic and St Catherine’s example in all that we do.  St Catherine's is blessed with a rich Dominican tradition that puts Christ at the centre of all its work. Our Mission Statement is, "Live, love and learn joyfully together, through Jesus and His Church." The constant search for Truth ("Veritas") is our driving force and Motto. We maintain a unique Catholic ethos and embrace Dominican values, whilst striving for excellence in the education of our children. 

We are a good school with many outstanding elements and are extremely proud that our Catholic life is outstanding. Having sustained results that are consistently above National averages at both KS1 and KS2, and achieving progress measures which have been deemed to be “truly outstanding” (HfL Strategic Lead, Pat McAteer), we provide children with an excellent all-round foundation, which promotes overall well-being and holistic growth.

Nicola Kane