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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Strategic Board

Welcome to The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust please find details below of the Directors on the Strategic Board of the Trust.

The charitable objectives of The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust are:

'Extract from the Memorandum and Articles of Association which all Directors and Local Governing Boards have given an undertaking to uphold:'

The Company’s object (“the Object”) is specifically restricted to the following:

  1. the establishing, maintaining, carrying on, managing and developing in the United Kingdom of Catholic schools for the advancement of the Catholic religion designated as such (“the Academies”) which shall offer a broad and balanced curriculum and shall be conducted in accordance with the principles, practices and tenets of the Catholic Church and all Catholic canon law applying thereto including any trust deed governing the use of land used by an Academy both generally and in particular in relation to arranging for religious education and daily acts of worship and having regard to any advice and following directives issued by the Bishop; and
  2. as purely ancillary to (a) above to promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of the areas served by the Academies the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of the said inhabitants.
Mrs K Griffin

Kate is an independent educational consultant; her recent activities include providing advice on senior educational appointments, conducting OFSTED inspections, advising on school improvement and providing leadership training in the UK and abroad. In addition to being the head teacher of Greenford High School a large, successful, multi-cultural secondary school in West London from 1991 – 2008, she was also President of ASCL 2002-2003 (then known as SHA) and also President of the International Confederation of Principals throughout 2007 and 2008 – the first person from the UK to be elected to this office.

She is a member of the Management Committee of the Catholic Education Service and the Westminster Diocese Education Commission. 

Mr JP Morrison  

JP Morrison is currently the Director of Education for the Diocese of Westminster. He has responsibility for the oversight of 215 schools and colleges across the diocese. The key areas of responsibility are pupil placement and capital strategy; the pre and post Section 48 support for schools with a focus on Catholic Life and Religious Education; operational issues and the training and development of teachers and governors.

There are currently 95,000 students educated in catholic schools in the diocese.  

JP previously served as a Secondary Headteacher and worked in London in education for over 20 years. 

JP has an MA in Educational Management and the NPQH. 

JP is a member of the CES Academy Working Party. 

Dr K Sullivan

Dr Kerry Sullivan has mixed an academic life with a practical career in the property industry. Now a partner at Sulnorth a redevelopment company he continues teaching on executive MBAs across Europe for the International faculty of Sheffield University.  

He was previously MBA Director at Surrey University and Head of Estate Management at South Bank University. Over a forty year career he has extensive experience as a consultant and brings a practical expertise to the academic environment. He has been Chair of Governors at St Marks Catholic School for over 15 years.

Dr Kerry Sullivan is the Trusts Audit Chair.

Miss N Kane

After qualifying as a solicitor, I worked for three years in the Commercial Litigation Department of a corporate law firm before accepting my vocation as a teacher.  Following completion of the Graduate Teaching Programme, I taught for six years in upper Key Stage 2, predominantly in Year Six.  Throughout this time I was also heavily involved with every year group through the several roles and responsibilities I held as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body.  

I was appointed as Headteacher of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School on 1st September 2015, when I also joined the Board of DOWAT.  In addition to my current position, I am a Westminster Section 48 Associate Inspector and a Director and founder of Stick Mark Boom Ltd. a company which provides educational resources. 

Mr A J Corish

Original from Liverpool, Irish Catholic background.  Lived in London since 1979.  Married with two adult children.  A member of St Benedict’s (Ealing Abbey Parish).

Started teaching in inner London in Westminster Diocese, Deputy Headteacher in Reading (Portsmouth Diocese) for 5 years.

Headteacher of Bishop Challoner Catholic School in Basingstoke, also Portsmouth Diocese, for 10 years.

Re-joined Westminster Diocese on appointment to Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School in September 2015.

Always worked in Catholic education.

Passionate advocate for Catholic Education and for the distinctive and important contribution Catholic Schools make to the common good.

In what little spare time I have I garden badly, run and play Rugby slowly and try to ensure my cultural life is sustained by Reading, Film, Theatre, Music and Ballet. 

Mr C Mathew

Mr Mathew attended Saint Aloysius College in Islington and then studied at St Mary’s College Twickenham.  On leaving St Mary’s he taught Physics at St Thomas More School in London.  He then left teaching for a period to work in Retail and managed a business in London for several years.

On returning to teaching he taught at St. Ignatius College in Enfield and then moved to The John Henry Newman School in Stevenage.  He joined The John Henry Newman School as Assistant Headteacher in 2005, become Deputy Headteacher in 2006 and Headteacher in 2012.  He became an Executive Headteacher in 2013 and is still in that role, having lead the Nicholas Breakspear School out of special measures in 2014.

Mr P Camoletto 

Paolo Camoletto is the Chair of the Governors’ Finance Committee. 

He is currently the Financial Secretary of the Diocese of Westminster. He is responsible for the management of the financial investments, fund-raising and development, overseeing management of the property and financial operations for the Diocese. Previous professional experience has been in various financial administration roles in blue chip companies as JPMorgan and AT&T. 

Paolo studied economics at the University of Chicago. He then continued his education Leuven, Belgium, and in London. 

He has been awarded two masters: an MA in International Relations and an MSc in Economics. 

Paolo is also a qualified accountant.

Mr R Anderson

Raymond (Ray) Anderson OBE (Foundation Director)

Ray retired in 2007 after a career in the Civil Service. He is Chair of the Board of Governors at Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School and a member of the Pastoral Council of St Bartholomew’s Church (South St Albans). He retired as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Mediation Hertfordshire in October 2016, having completed a five year term. He chairs a Natural England Stakeholder Working Group on rights of way, which is currently advising on the implementation of a package of reforms. He has interests in health issues and is currently a member of his GP practice’s Patient Participation Group and a member of a local group on participation in issues relating to the treatment of cancers. He was appointed as a member of the Patient Advisory Board which reports to the Strategic Board of the East of England Cancer Alliance in June 2017 and is a member of the cancer locality group covering Hertfordshire and West Essex.

Raymond Anderson is the Risk Chair for the Trust.





Mr E Conway 

Mr Edward Conway has served as a governor on a number of school boards since 2003, he has been a member of the St. Michael’s Board of Governors since September 2010 and also serves on the Management Committee of Chessbrook ESC.

Edward has held a number of Senior Leadership positions in Catholic Schools in and around the London area. Edwards’s first Headteacher appointment was at John Paul ll in Wimbledon in 2007 and he was appointed Headteacher at St. Michael’s in 2010. Edward is a member of the Education Commission and Inspection Committee for the Diocese of Westminster and is also a National Leader for Education.

Edward is keenly interested in most sports and is a passionate Welsh supporter in all aspects of the sporting arena. He is married and they have four grown up children. He is also an active member of his local community and church.





Mrs J Pearce

Julia has taught in three schools during a twenty year career.  Julia has been a class teacher, deputy head and has recently
taken up the post of head teacher. She is married with two lovely children and a dog!  Julia enjoys travelling, music and spending time with her friends and family.