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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Ethos and Culture

The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust was established in February 2012 following consultation between the Diocese and its schools. The consultation assessed how becoming a multi-academy trust could support Catholic schools in their role under Canon Law of the formation of the whole person; promote the common good of society whilst ensuring academic standards were at least as outstanding as that in other local schools in the area. A group of eleven schools (six secondary and five primary schools) came together as a pilot group to form the Trust. It was established on the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity, building on the experiences and skills gained by the work already undertaken by governing boards in collaboration with the Diocese in running voluntary aided schools. 

At the Trust’s conception, the role of the local governing boards and their work within the local Catholic community, was of paramount importance in the structure of the Trust. A clear scheme of delegation within statutory regulations of running a company were created to allow as much local decision making as possible. It ensured parents remained at the centre (with their children) as those with the key responsibility for the education of their child. All the work undertaken by the Trust and its schools continues to be focused on the charitable objectives of the Trust. Each director and governing board makes a commitment to uphold the objectives in undertaking their role. 

The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust's Key Objectives:


  • To work in partnership with all Catholic and local education partners for the common good.
  • To build the total capacity of catholic education across the Diocese through sponsorship and partnership.
  • To support and challenge member schools to provide outstanding academic catholic education.
  • Promote an inclusive environment
  • To support member schools to discharge their legal responsibilities as academies within the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.


  • To become innovation champions and establish partnerships for exchanging best practice and initiatives.
  • To create a culture of innovation at all levels of the organisation to promote outstanding education and academic excellence.
  • To develop a shared responsibility for creating collaborative communities of learning across the Trust.


  • To develop a range of policies which allow the Academy Board to discharge their legal responsibilities within the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.
  • To develop a clearly defined strategy and criteria for accepting new member schools including pre-decision information and a defined transfer / induction process.
  • To interpret National regulations and guidelines as required for member schools.


  • To deliver a quality provision across our schools whilst achieving, economy; efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To establish informed, accountable, and ethical decision-making for policy development and resource management.