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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

About Us

We are amongst the top performing Catholic multi-academy trust in the country, with a deep commitment to delivering an outstanding 21st century education and upholding traditional Catholic values. Our family of eleven primary and secondary schools work collaboratively – we are stronger together.

With Christ at the centre of our hearts and our family of schools, we are committed to the flourishing of our children and young people, so that they grow in excellence and learn how to use their skills and knowledge for the common good, for the sake of their sisters and brothers in the world, especially the poor and marginalized.

We believe that our family of schools are the future of Catholic education. We work together to improve student outcomes, provide a supportive environment and rich education. Our young people across North West London and Hertfordshire deserve excellence.

Our dedicated headteachers, teachers and wider school community work with our families to understand the needs of every child. Every child is unique. As a Trust of Catholic schools, we are committed to working together in a trusting and collaborative manner, with integrity and transparency in the relentless pursuit of Catholic Excellence through our shared Gospel Values.