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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Breakspear Primary Maths Day

On Wednesday 14th December, Douay’s Maths department visited Breakspear School assisted by Year 8s, to host a day filled with Christmas themed activities

Ninety of Breakspear’s year 5 pupils were taught by 3 Douay Maths teachers. In addition, twelve of Douay’s year 8 students came along to offer their assistance and mathematical knowledge.

The aim of the day was to introduce the primary students to areas of the Maths curriculum they would study at Secondary school. They explored Geometry in the morning, making 3D Christmas trees and drawing snowflakes, and Ratio and Proportion in the afternoon, planning a Christmas Meal which also tested their numeracy skills. At the end of the day, the students presented their group’s work and then the year 8 pupils led numeracy games, such as Countdown, creating their own questions.

Overall the day was a successful learning experience for all pupils involved. Year 5 teacher Miss Headland commented, “It was a great day, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and haven't stopped talking about it since!”