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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Year 9 Visit to London Zoo

The Science Department recently led a trip for thirty Year 9 students from The Douay Martyrs Catholic Secndary School to London Zoo. Some of the highlights of the day included seeing the lion and tiger enclosures, walking amongst the monkeys and lemurs, and exploring the spider and butterfly zones. Students enjoyed their lunch with the penguins and finished off the day attending a lecture on Animal Adaptations and how the animals have evolved to survive.

During the lecture students were given an opportunity to learn about different Animal Adaptations, and whether they were anatomical or behavioural adaptations. Anatomical Adaptation is when an animal has a feature that is useful for the survival, whereas Behavioural Adaptations are things the animal does to aid its survival.

Students then took part in a quiz to prove how much they had learnt from this lesson. The lecture ended with some students being given a chance to touch a Corn Snake which was very exciting!