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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

UKMT Team Maths Challenge and Hillingdon Maths Challenge

Last week, students from the Douay Martyrs Catholic Secondary School participated in two big Maths challenges – testing their problem solving skills and teamwork against some of the best in the country.

On Tuesday 21st March, four students from Year 8 travelled to Queensmead School and battled against 12 other teams in the Hillingdon Maths Challenge. The pupils, having never taken part in these challenges before, were pleasantly surprised at how engaging and exciting the problems were. They took part in a Group Round, a Crossnumber Round and a Relay Race. Unfortunately, this time round, the Douay Team didn’t win – but the team are already setting their sights on next year’s challenge!

On Thursday 23rd March, four students from Year 8 & 9 went to Preston Manor School near Wembley to take part in the Regional Finals of the prestigious UKMT Team Maths Challenge. Again, pupils faced various tasks, this time including the tricky Shuttle Round where one wrong answer can be disastrous! Despite our best efforts, the Douay Maths Team was unable to knock winners Harrow and North London Collegiate from the top spots. However, ranking 10 places higher than we did in 2016 can only mean we stand a strong chance in 2018!

We look forward to seeing how our year 7 pupils fare in the Summer Challenges!