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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

The Douay Martyrs School - Year 11 Growth Mind-Set Workshop

On Friday 11th January,  a number of Year 11 students were selected to be involved in a revision/growth mind-set workshop. An outside speaker came in and taught us strategies of how to deal with negative thoughts and habits which would help us to think positively,.

Apparently, it takes twenty five days to either break or create a new habit. We were taught about how the brain works, study  habits  and surprising little facts that we could relate to in our lives. We discussed our aspirations and future plans.  All of us reported what we felt, inspired and motivated us after our workshop. Rather than thinking that we ‘cant’ do something, we are thinking more positively and using the strategies discussed to help us. 

By Saron,  Abigail and Shanice  – Year 11