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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Our Lady Catholic Primary School - Eco Council Trip to Bamboo Turtle!

Our Lady Catholic Primary School went on a trip to Bamboo Turtle. Please click here to see all the photos from their exciting trip!

About Bamboo Turtle

Introducing the  First Zero Waste shop in Herts. We know that we wont be the last.

Just over 6 months ago the idea of Bamboo Turtle was born, primarily out of frustration at not being able to successfully shop waste free. Unfortunately supermarkets provide a convenient but wasteful way of shopping. Every pasta packet, toothpaste tube and plastic wrapped broccoli adds to the mountains of waste that enter our recycling plants at best, or our oceans at worst, taking hundreds of years to breakdown and enter our food systems. And then we have food waste. Sometimes all we need is a handful of oats or a teaspoon of herbs and spices. Shopping at Bamboo Turtle allows you to buy exactly the amount of food you need in your own package.

Please click here to visit the website and learn more.