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St Catherine of Siena - Headteachers January Blog

Catholic Life of the School

Thank you to Year 3 Drexel for a beautiful collective worship on the first day back.  We really appreciated the way they led us in a reflection on our learning and journey during the season of Advent. 1 Faustyna absolutely loved having Father Terkura come to visit their class, to deliver a Liturgy about Special People. Father helped them to reflect on the special people in their lives and to give thanks to God for these people.  As a class, they considered how they could each bring light to the lives of the people around them, just as Jesus does. EYFS dedicated a week to trying to help one another.  It was wonderful to see your children's acts of kindness during CHIL.

Updates from the Teachers

EYFS We had a great second week in literacy, retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs and producing some amazing independent writing. We also focused on our listening skills by exploring audio books. Across the school we have been studying and performing a range of poetry in preparation for Poetry and Performance Week. 3 Drexel The children enjoyed learning about poetry during these last two weeks. We have been mainly focusing on Michael Rosen's work and creating our own poems, a similar concept to "In my magic box I would put…”  The children loved performing their poems to the class. In maths, we have been focusing on checking our answers by using the inverse. We even spent a day trying some mastery questions where we had to use the inverse to help us. The children tried so hard and used their growth mindsets to keep positive and stay focused! Year 4 This week, 4 Orione looked at the different changes taking place in our environment and how this affects various habitats. In Religious Education, we discussed what we know about our local parish community, what it is that makes a community function well and why people give up their time to help others in the parish community. In Maths, Year 4 looked at estimating and checking calculations in order to help us with our arithmetic! In English, we looked at the poem 'A Small Dragon' with a particular focus on the vocabulary and structure. We then magpied the structure to help us to write our own narrative poem! On Thursday, we took part in an Indoor Athletics Tournament at Francis Coombe. All of the children from both classes did exceptionally well in all of their events and showed great sportsmanship throughout! Year 5 Bosco and Alphonsa are planning a collaboration for Poetry and Performance, so have been working in parallel in preparation.  The children from both classes have created some amazing poems, focusing on selecting the ‘best words, in the best order’.  Taking a modern-spin on the art, they then went on to learn about performance poetry, in the form of rap music. 6 Lupita Year 6 have been learning about different types of poems and looking at features of monologues in English. They took part in a drama workshop this week and had a go at performing monologues themselves.  As well as engaging in some fictional introspection, Year 6 began music lessons where they have been learning how to read and write musical notes. This will be leading into Year 6 being given their own recorder next week. Year 6 are getting ready for a 'Cheese, Wine and Monologues' evening for Poetry and Performance Week.

Physical & Mental Health & Well-Being

EYFS have been making the most of the fresh weather and sunny mornings by taking their phonics lessons outside.  We have been practising our letters and sounds, as well as our high frequency words, using colourful chalks on the playground. From 3 Drexel, Hannah was very proud to share with the school the medals she won skiing for completing her 2nd grade. The children in Year 3 were all fascinated by this sport!

Looking Forward

EYFS - We would like to invite parents to sign up to be a Secret Storyteller in our classroom.  I will put a timetable up on the classroom door.  It will be on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm.  It will be an opportunity for you to share your child's favourite story with the class. You will be asked to sign in at the main office and wear a storyteller’s cloak whilst entering the classroom, so your identity is secret to all, including your child!