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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Glebe School visit Douay's Creative Arts Faculty

On Monday, sixty Year 6 pupils from the neighbouring Glebe school visited the Creative Arts Faculty at Douay Martyrs. They spent the day working with Music, Art and Drama specialist teachers. In Art, the pupils learnt how to create an Art Deco painting. While Music and Drama combined to teach two songs from the 1930s musical 'Bugsy Malone'.

At the end of the day, the pupils presented their Art Deco posters, as seen in the accompanying image. There were also two performances on the stage in the Main Hall using the school’s specialist lighting rigs to create spectacular effects. Once the pupils had performed ‘You Wanna Be A Boxer’ and ‘Give A Little Love’, the pupils made their way back to Glebe School.

Overall, it was highly enjoyable day for all. The pupils experienced what it was like to be a Year 7 pupil at the Douay Martyrs school as well as getting a taste of the type of specialised teaching available at secondary school.