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Westminster Academy Trust

Breakfast time at Douay Martyrs

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, Douay Martyrs Catholic School, Ickenham, used breakfast time to help foster a strong sense of community, a supportive atmosphere and sustained interaction between staff and students by coordinating a free, pre-exam breakfast run for students sitting their GCSE and A Levels.

The junior students from Years 7 and 8 were also present, helping to serve toast, fruit and orange juice to the Year 11 and Sixth Form exam students.

School Chaplain,Luisa Foley shares her view of the gathering, ’It is important that students see themselves, not as the main focus in this endeavour, but that with the inclusion of all involved, they see this as a community activity bridging age, culture, race and role.’

The school is in its second year running the pre-exam breakfast initiative, thanks to the continued support of local bakeries, staff and parents alike and with the assistance of the local community of Hillingdon who rallied together to support the students through this stressful time.