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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

John Henry Newman Weekly Newsletter

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Dear Parents /Guardians, The weather has improved at last! Thank you for all your support last week during a particularly cold period of weather which made the daily routine of running a school very difficult. Your children were, as always, stunning and their dedication to their studies is to be admired.

We are always looking for ways to improve and streamline our provision and support for our families. I have been asked by our Admin Team to remind parents that messages to school, that you wish us to pass on to your children, should be urgent messages only. Children are allowed to turn on their mobile phones at the end of the school day to pick up messages but we simply do not have the staff available to pass on reminders of appointments and other ‘meeting’ arrangements during the school day.

We are also looking at a new dedicated number for parents to use if they wish to contact Student Services. At the moment too many messages, or requests to deliver items, are being processed by our Learning Co-ordinators and this is not good use of the small amount of non-teaching time that they have to support their year groups.

All of these points are, of course, a result of the low level of funding that all schools are receiving at the moment. The draft budget figures for all schools are now available to Headteachers and I am sorry to report that the situation has not changed.

That said we will, of course, continue to do our best and I thank the many of you who support the school fund and other fund raising activities. It is absolutely the case that without your support we would not be able to run the school as well as we do, thank you.

Have a lovely weekend in the warmer weather.

God Bless Mr Mathew