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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Dragons Apprentice Success

Success for Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School Year 12 students.

Our students have raised almost £2.000 in the ‘Dragons Apprentice Challenge.’ The group of six Year 12 students had to make at least £1,000 from an initial £100 investment. Having already raised £800 the team organised a host of activities on the penultimate day of the challenge to raise £1,979. Students could attempt a blind-folded obstacle course; attempt a world record by putting as many glasses as they could on the Head teacher’s face and watch the Head of Sixth form get gunged.

Edward Bailey, the team leader said: “It’s an amazing experience which helps develop our knowledge and build upon what we already know.” The team have been supported throughout the five month challenge by their Dragon, Little HR’s Kelly Price who said: “It was a lot of fun working on the challenge and great to be the Dragon.”

The money the team has raised is going towards an eye clinic local charity OneSight which is looking to set up in Gambia. Victoria Mellon of OneSight said: “It is going to make such a difference to the people in the Gambia.”