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The Kingdom of Heaven - St Johns

Our main RE topic this half term is The Kingdom of Heaven. Many of you will have the chance to see our whole school display in the old entrance when you come to see the Summer Performance – Go for Goal. The children love finding themselves and their friends, and should you wish to send in a picture of yourself drawn by your child, it would be most welcome as our aim is to represent our whole school community.

To take this a step further, we asked all the children to reflect on their role as the creators of the Kingdom of Heaven in their classroom. These ideas were then used to create doorways into that Kingdom for a competition judged by Father Denis, as one of our RE Governors. The competition was fierce  and everyday for a week, new things kept appearing as classes “raised their game” when they saw each others’ creations.

The final judging day dawned on Monday 3rd July and Father Denis declared Year 5 the worthy winners.

These are the fantastic doorways created in class order from EY1 to Year 6

Kingdom of Heaven Doors (7)Kingdom of Heaven Doors (8) Kingdom of Heaven Door Year 1Kingdom of Heaven Doors (11)  Kingdom of Heaven Doors (9)    Kingdom of Heaven Door Year 4Kingdom of Heaven Doors (10)Kingdom of Heaven Doors (13)