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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

John Henry Newman - Weekly Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome to the final half term of this academic year, the time has passed so quickly! As I have commented previously, this is probably the most enjoyable half term of the year.

You may have noted in the press that Prince William has completed his work with the Air Ambulance Service and is therefore no longer likely to drop in to us. I can tell you that the Prince was with us on several occasions over the past year, but after the excitement of the first visit decided to keep a lower profile. I did write to him recently and invited him into the school for a more formal visit, unfortunately he is not able to fit us into his busy schedule but he did ask to pass on the following message, the initial drop in and lunch are a more memorable part of his Air Ambulance career and that he looks back fondly on meeting all the students and, of course, his school dinner! He also sent his warmest regards to all and his best wishes to all those taking examinations.

We wish him well for the future.

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