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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Summer Term Rewards in the Performing Arts

Students have continued to work incredibly hard in Drama and Music in the Summer term at The Douay Martyrs Catholic School. In celebration of hard work, commitment and attainment in both curricular and extra-curricular activities, students are awarded Performing Arts postcards. Each Performing Arts teacher will nominate two individuals per week who have made an outstanding contribution. 

We would like to congratulate the following students who have worked so hard since Easter:

Year 7: Raza Mahmoon, Tony Oduor, Filip Beben, Elena Wood, Olivia Pontey, Nancy Reilly, Isaac Marko, Joshua Powell, Chloe Rinaldi, Nicky Dune, Andrei Iftodi, Jake Keep, Daniel Tintinger, Filip Beben and Slava Habash.

Year 8: Nathaniel Rajarahan, Kieran Blower, Anastasia Mouskoundi, Zhane Darko-Williams, Tehniyat Ikram, Dawid Rogowski, Maddison Sjahrir, Esme Devlin, Archie McInroy, Edward Voicu, Shanae Campbell, Zoe Attipoe, Andrea Jayasinghe, Nathaniel Rajarahan, Roman Forse and Taydee Hardy

Year 10: Nicole Mudoti, Mia Rose Hanson, Shauns Shibu, Selina Clarke, Nadia Seifeldin Sebares, Harrison Travis, Hayley Flint, Lennard Rafinan and Elliott Simon

Year 12: Billy Knightley and Calum Rooney

Year 13: Jessica Mkrtchyan