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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

John Henry Newman Weekly Newsletter

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Dear Parents and Guardians, Everyone of us has been shocked and appalled by the events in Manchester this week. The nature of the attack and the target, young families and children, has no doubt caused the greatest stress to those of us who either work with children or have our own children. Our Cardinal has released this statement, ‘My shock and dismay at the horrendous killing of young and innocent people in the Manchester Arena, last night, is I know, shared by all people of good will. I know too that Catholics and many others will be praying earnestly for those who have been killed, for the bereaved and for grieving loved ones. ‘We pray in support of all those working so hard in response to this tragedy: the police and security forces, hospital staff, neighbours and friends and for all the people of Manchester. May God, in his mercy, strengthen and sustain us and keep us firmly united in the face of all evil.’ We will keep the community of Manchester in our prayers over the coming weeks.

As the end of this half term approaches we have said farewell to our Year 13 students, they are a stunning year group and their parting will leave a big gap in our school community. We wish them well as they move on to their next adventure and I know that they will change our world for the better, as they have our school. We received a letter from Bishop John Wilson and Cardinal Nichols this week acknowledging, ‘…the significant achievement of The John Henry Newman School in supporting the Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School in making the remarkable transition from ‘special measures’ in November 2013 to a judgement of ‘good’ in June 2016.’ He continues, “This is a wonderful testimony to the hard work of everyone involved…..” “It is something we are very proud of as a Diocese and I extend to all those involved both our sincere thanks and genuine esteem for what has been achieved. Very well done!” Bishop Wilson continues by acknowledging the excellent results of our school over recent years and sends his thanks to everyone involved. Bishop Wilson will be visiting our school later this term to meet our pupils and students. Finally, my thanks to everyone involved in making our school community the safe and happy place that it is. A great deal of effort is made by all to ensure that every person can be loved and valued for that wonderful person that God has made them. Enjoy the half term break. Please continue to pray for the community in Manchester and here at John Henry Newman.

Thank you and God Bless God Bless, Mr Mathew