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The Diocese of
Westminster Academy Trust

Douay Students Racing to School ​​​​​​​

Year 7s take part in a fun-filled day on Maths and Careers at Sandown Races

A number of our Year 7s attended a Maths and Careers focused day at Sandown Park which included meeting jockeys and trainers, seeing some of the stars of the day at the racecourse (the four-legged variety) and watching the first two races.

Racing to School is racing’s education programme offered free – a practical, lively approach which enriches the Maths and Careers programmes for students.

The context of racing offers many opportunities for exploring Maths in a practical way.  From weights and measures and the handicapping system in the Weighing Room, to the geometry in the construction of fences, to the art and symmetry used in jockeys silks, to the science of jockey nutrition and working out averages. Careers included understanding all the careers that are part of racing and working with horses including managing a racecourse and ensuring it is highly profitable even though it is only open for racing 30 days of the year.

Racing is a vibrant, colourful experience offering a multi-sensory learning opportunity.  From hearing the thunder of the hooves, to seeing the designs and colours of racing silks to smelling the freshly mown grass, every aspect enhances the quality of the children’s learning.

The programme offers unique behind the scenes access, making the learning experience a special one which the children fully engaged with and were incredibly positive about.

“It was very interesting and fun as we got to learn about jockeys and horses. It was fun to watch the race and see the winner’s speech.” – Angel Beharry

“I thought it was very entertaining to watch the horses race and to see the jockeys and the instructors tell us about them. They had a lot of enthusiasm for their jobs and I enjoyed the whole experience.” - Kareena Bhogal

“The trip was fun, amazing and satisfying to learn about the horses, the jockeys and the racecourse. I liked learning from Ollie McPhail (former jockey). He taught me a lot about horses.” – Sebastian Concepcion